Church, Küçük Köyü, Turkey

kucukkoy-church-pylon-window-570px“Study, Church, Küçük köyü, Niğde, Turkey 2014”

        From Niğde, one can take a drive to Koyunlu and then turn right onto a small road up the Melendez mountains that will end up at Küçük Köy, which literally means ‘little village’. Right at the end of the village is a church dating from around the mid 1800’s. İt has sat disused since the Turk-Greek population Exchange in 1923 but still exhibits wonderful ornate blue domes with fine brushed details. The silence there is sometimes broken by the bark of a Kangal belonging to a passing sheperd or a neighbouring villager. The above photograph was made there.

37.998533, 34.586455 are the co ordinates you can paste into Google maps to see the exact location. This is a hand printed silver gelatin photograph that can be found here.

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