Monastery Valley, Güzelyurt, Turkey.

cave christ001_20cm

“Study, Christ and Hyssop” Monastery Valley, Güzelyurt, Turkey 2014.

        İ had to travel for an hour to arrive at Monasery Valley at Güzelyurt. Through the Melendez mountains, from Niğde, there is a winding mountainous road which has claimed its fair share of lives according to the locals. Just before entering the town of Güzelyurt, you make a sharp left, down a winding road down into the valley. Follow the road past the big church and the small village at the bottom and keep going. After a while, to the left, there is a small entrance which requires a scramble up a path. İnside, after a thousand years, this picture can still be seen. These depictions of Christ are not common once outside of the Göreme complex as i’ve noticed scrambling around the region. When making this print in my darkroom, there was the temptation to increase the contrast. None of the prints looked right so i’ve kept the contrast similar to the visual experience i had in that cave.

       This is a hand printed silver gelatin photograph that can be found here.

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