Chapel, Uluağaç, Turkey.


“Study, Chapel, Uluağaç, Turkey 2014”

        ‘Chapel’ is the term used here in Turkey to describe these little ‘cave churches’ that dot the İnner Anatolian landcsape. They tend to have graves inside, often in places that doesn’t conform with the chapel’s layout, for example, off to one corner. When İ asked Yakub abi ( ‘abi’ means ‘big brother’ but also used as a term of respect and friendship ), who is one of the archaeologists at the Niğde Museum, about the layout of the graves and what it meant, he told me that the caves were formally tombs that were later converted into chapels. İn the photograph above there are two chapels that i’ve identified, one at the bottom near the waterline and the other being one of the little black holes on the cliff side. i haven’t been able to investigate the cliffside entrances but suspect that there are tunnels that allow access, as i’ve seen in the chapel behind this particular cliff.

        To get to this location, one would have to travel from Kayseri on the Kayseri-Adana road, turn left at Ovacik, pass it and continue to the village of Uluağaç. The lake is a little further on. The lake itself is surround by at least three different sites combined of early Byzantine and even Hittite presence.

        This is a hand printed silver gelatin photograph available here.

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