grave, rock churches, erdemli, turkey


“Study, Grave, Rock Churches, Erdemli, Turkey 2015”

On the road from Kayseri to Niğde, just before Yeşilhısar, there is a little brown sign that says ‘kaya kiliseleri’ which roughly translates to cliff churches or rock churches. After taking the turn, continue down the road until you have arrived at a village called Erdemli. A little past the entrance is the second sign, the same as the first. You’ll walk into a valley with hundreds of cave dwellings and a massive cathedral carved out of the wall. After exploring a few of the smaller chapels, this one stood out as peculiar. Without thinking about it too much, i set up the camera and photographed this arrangement.

This hand printed silver gelatin 6″x6″ photograph is available here.

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