Church, Kiçiağaç Köyü, Turkey


“Study, Church interior, Kiçiağaç Köyü, Turkey 2015”

This small church can be found at 38.062284, 34.839082.

    İ had heard about this church for a while before i managed to make my first visit. Greeted by the usual aleyküm selam, the locals were helpful in directing me to this hard-to-find building. At first, its small exterior beguiles, but as one enters, the full extend of its size bears down on the viewer. At the entrance, there seems to be an out of place stone with a byzantine cross from an earlier period. İt is likely that it comes from a previous church. The same for some of the foreign stones that make up the fence outside. The photograph i’ve chosen hopefully shares some of the strident quality of this column as i experienced it in its cavernous surroundings.

A handprinted silver gelatin 6×6″ photograph is available at my store here.

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