Kapadokya Two fairy chimneys snow011 - 500px borderless

“Study, Two Fairy Chimneys, Uçhisar, Turkey 2015”

        Cappadocia is a large region full of fairy chimneys, some inhabited at some time, many just sit in silence and emanate their visual beauty. As housing, they are useful. They are warm during the bitter winter and cool in summer as I discovered when exploring.

        I remember meeting tourists whilst photographing around this area. They all had the same dazed look I had the first few times I visited Cappadocia. I knew that they would have a short time there and then be shuttled away to the next location. I was grateful that I had the luxury of many visits which would allow me to see the small things, the insignificant things.

        This photograph was made around Uchisar during a snowstorm. These two were just peeking over a beautifully curved slope which is very subtle on the print. I would be foolish to embark on a written description on how profound the sense of being alone out there, during a snow storm is. This photograph touches on that sense in a more essential manner.

I am offering these silver gelatin prints at USD 175 at the 6½ x 6½ size. Please message me below for details or don’t hesitate to call me direct on +61 412 887 051.


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